Bag For The Body’!

Bag for The Body

History repeats and well, this season it just did. Major! And what has grown over the years more than menswear apparel? Men’s bags. Yes, Men’s bags outrun the growth in menswear market.

The rise of the metrosexual man has been on for more than a decade. Read on to get scoop on what to expect before buying your first (or another!) bag:

What's in Your Taws

Number One: What do you need? This is for men and women as well. Yes, we all find pretty bags irresistible. But what’s the need for a clutch bag when you need to set foot outside with a bunch of things? Always?

Second, my hardworking men, is what your look is. Same with you beautiful women!

If you are a pro golfer, you need a cool satchel/bowling bag not a briefcase bag. And for the corporate ones out there, it has to be a cool, suave leather pieced messenger bag or a slightly formal laptop bag.

For women, well? Call me materialistic. But we have everything in our closet to match with any bag out there ( dramatic shoppaholicism) it is.Taws Shopping SpreeThird, and the most important one is of course, your own body type and personality. A blazing red bag with cheetah print if you are into pastels and nudes? Nope. Crossing the street with a denim jumper on? Oh absolutely yes.

People think that a nice bag is a nice bag. Guess what? Like clothes and shoes, it has a type that it complements the most. A satchel bag for instance, slims up the silhouette due to its rectangular appearance and the illusion of parallel lines.

Number Two: The tote. Now, every tote is different. But if you are talking about the leather basic ones in solid. It makes you look taller. But, but but, only if the handle of the tote ends below your arm hole or seam.

Number Three: now this is for the men. Black, while being a classic also has a strange property of ‘blocking’. If you are carrying a black messenger bag for instance, and trousers that are a lighter colour, your outfit will get ‘blocked’, making you look stouter. That’s right. A new reason to try colours like beige, blue and brown!

Number Four: The best bag for men? Your laptop bags, with a hint of navy blue/long handles or colour will make your shouders look broader and your hips slimmer.Your Taws LookWell, that there is a bag for everyone in this world is true. So start your journey to finding the ‘bag for your body’ right now!

Stay in tune for more about finding your ‘it’ bag.


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