Well, bags are bags are bags. A woman’s wardrobe has that one thing that can duplicate as an accessory and a statement. And for a man, it’s pretty much a window to what he does and how his life is.

These indicators whether in suede or patent leather or canvas tell the world what you do. And who you are. Never compromise on them! As the holiday season comes closer, shop for the best and keep them in check before heading out to your very well deserved holiday whether at home, in the city, the mountains or the beaches.

Here are some options for you and the wanderlust to get the best from the holiday and serve your purposes!

(Include suggestions from the pictures of backpacks and tote/canvas bags from the collection with their names and descriptions)


Essentials of The Season for The Ladies

The kaftans and the sarongs or the trench coats need a stylish companion with themselves ofcourse. Why not make it a luxe bag instead!

The firsts of the season have to be some stunners!

First: The leather tote bag that you’ll carry to places where you can’t take your $400 bags: When we travel, we need space, because there might be a damn straight possibility that you might end up at a party at the end of a very exhausting tourist’s day out. Pick something that’s edgy and yet comfortable.

Second: The Pretty Party bag: This bag is literally a lifesaver at 2 a.m. Better make it such that you don’t have to hold your phone and wallet all night! (And ofcourse, take the risk, carry some bling with style)


Third: The “I’m-going-out-on-an-adventure-bag”: This could be beach, work trip or straight up to the mountains. This one, as much as you avoid it, has to be either a backpack or a savvy canvas bag. The beach holiday ofcourse can get a canvad one, but for those junkies from you who like taking risks, try a chic androgynous big bag!

It is that time of the year that one wants to forget everything. Forget everything and relax! Finally. But don’t forget to carry that bag charm with you. XOXO



So, it’s no-shave November for you gentle men and you want a work brigade to run as smoothly as it can before you mark them all done and relax for the holiday.

First things first, get your work divided. Are you more of a digital or a real-live data person. Deciding this helps you choose a bag much better.

For you ladies out there, a terrific and mind blowing work at month would have to be the perfect impact. As you see, for a woman in the 21st century, things are not always easy. To make it all efficient and good for you, you always need to be prepped, put your best foot forward and to help you do that, your appearance helps a great deal. Once, a friend who was recruiting said, “All I look for in an applicant is a neat canvas”. Even if you are the top dog at your organization or the best at what you do, unless you look the part, it would not benefit you as much. You are what you show people you are, harsh truth.

It has nothing to do with how you look, it’s how you do your look. You need the perfect outfit, the most suitable hairstyle and the best accessories to go with it. Your shoes and bags are especially important to make an impression.

Shoes, whether for men or women, have to be first, neat and second, suiting to your comfort and job/look.

And the bag! Now, the bag has to be genuine. Never wear fake brands or faux leather or fur. It may look equally good, but its not hard to catch and “fake” is not something one would want in the personality t show.

Wear something statement, but subtle and classy. An extension of your own self and how you take your job or role, very seriously.

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The festive season is just round the corner and the fashionistas are all set to shop a little more and shake a leg in their latest conquests!

For the third edition of the Second Skin Diaries, Taws went to these young, energetic fashionistas to ask them one simple question: What do you look for in an ideal bag?

For the last post, “Bag for the Body”, we got to know how to choose a bag. This time, we are going to have a lot of fun narrowing it down to how the ideal bag for you could be. Ofcourse, it is beyond possible to actually get to your doorstep and ask you myself but lo and behold! You can leave your ideal bag statement down the comments and who knows what surprise you might just get from us?

Bonseng “Coco” Sangma, fashion student, NIFT:

“ My personal style is all about clean cuts and minimal effortlessness. As long as it’s comfortable and chic, I am all game for it. My ideal bag would be a) BIG, because as a fashion student carrying all our tools and turfs is priority. B) It definitely has to be minimal along with a quirky mini statement. And C) It has to be something that goes with everything and adds to any look. My personal preference? Leather ofcourse!”

Baishali Pradhan, Fashion Blogger, Cat Between the Pixies

“As much as I love funky accessories and grunge, I adore solids in any shape or form. I love experimenting with textures and hues; like, delicate flowy skirt with some denim and leather? Sure! So, I think that my dream bag would be spacious and (surprise!) a backpack. Yes, I think that backpacks are the easiest to carry and yet go with any outfit. Something in genuine leather, versatility and a dash of “cool” is what I would go for.”

Well, do you have a vision for your ideal bag? If yes. ( I hope, there is one, peeps). Just type it in for our comments section and expect a surprise!


Bag For The Body’!

Bag for The Body

History repeats and well, this season it just did. Major! And what has grown over the years more than menswear apparel? Men’s bags. Yes, Men’s bags outrun the growth in menswear market.

The rise of the metrosexual man has been on for more than a decade. Read on to get scoop on what to expect before buying your first (or another!) bag:

What's in Your Taws

Number One: What do you need? This is for men and women as well. Yes, we all find pretty bags irresistible. But what’s the need for a clutch bag when you need to set foot outside with a bunch of things? Always?

Second, my hardworking men, is what your look is. Same with you beautiful women!

If you are a pro golfer, you need a cool satchel/bowling bag not a briefcase bag. And for the corporate ones out there, it has to be a cool, suave leather pieced messenger bag or a slightly formal laptop bag.

For women, well? Call me materialistic. But we have everything in our closet to match with any bag out there ( dramatic shoppaholicism) it is.Taws Shopping SpreeThird, and the most important one is of course, your own body type and personality. A blazing red bag with cheetah print if you are into pastels and nudes? Nope. Crossing the street with a denim jumper on? Oh absolutely yes.

People think that a nice bag is a nice bag. Guess what? Like clothes and shoes, it has a type that it complements the most. A satchel bag for instance, slims up the silhouette due to its rectangular appearance and the illusion of parallel lines.

Number Two: The tote. Now, every tote is different. But if you are talking about the leather basic ones in solid. It makes you look taller. But, but but, only if the handle of the tote ends below your arm hole or seam.

Number Three: now this is for the men. Black, while being a classic also has a strange property of ‘blocking’. If you are carrying a black messenger bag for instance, and trousers that are a lighter colour, your outfit will get ‘blocked’, making you look stouter. That’s right. A new reason to try colours like beige, blue and brown!

Number Four: The best bag for men? Your laptop bags, with a hint of navy blue/long handles or colour will make your shouders look broader and your hips slimmer.Your Taws LookWell, that there is a bag for everyone in this world is true. So start your journey to finding the ‘bag for your body’ right now!

Stay in tune for more about finding your ‘it’ bag.

The Bag Lady’s Second Skin


Leather has been for centuries, a synonym of luxury. And, to this, Taws celebrates travel, fashion, the modern man, the savvy woman and the fraternity of the Bag Ladies who are devoted to that one accessory that they feel undressed without: a bag.

Introducing, Taws as the modern solution to every mess: “Don’t cry over it, buy a bag!”- as quoted by Internet, God of the Modern Worlds.

Taws’ parent company fueled its growing creativity by its experience of thirty years making luxury bags. Well, not everyone is per se into fashion. But how does one forget the everyday work route to the making a dumpyard out of your bag or the travelling that you so adore.

Well, Taws is exactly doing that. Solving each and every one of your problems. Want to know how Jane Birkin has the poshest bag named after her? In an airline once in the 1980s, she complained about how her things kept falling and she could not find a bag that would be simple, luxe and carry her essentials. The audience included the then Chief Executive of Hermes and that is how The Birkin Bag we all so adore was born.


Simple isn’t it? It is all about the needs that this accessory is about. And not just that, a bag can make or break. By all proportions, that is! Taws has a team of experts who choose styles from all arenas and inspired by design that would make them wearable, every bit chic and suited to each facet of your day, nights and journeys. And from this blog, you can access another take on accessories and on style that can take your look from ‘ouch’ to ‘wow’.

Modern women and men who take style as a form of self-expression and another extension of their lifestyle: that is what The Taws Blog is all about.

Welcome to the world of luxury leather bags and the stories they have in each one of our lives. Welcome to Taws.